No Expenses Spared

We carefully refurbish our cars primarily with OEM parts to their absolute best state. All cars come with a copy of the brand dealership's pre-purchase inspection, if serviceable by the brand!

About Us
  • No Expenses Spared

    - Primarily use of OEM parts

    - Refurbishment rather than repair

    - Experienced specialist mechanic on site for each vehicle

    - Free Extended warranty for 3 months (if applicable)

    - Complimentary first oil change

  • Collection of Qualified Cars

    - Collection of low mileage, accident free or minimal incident cars

    - No more than one or two previouse possessors

    - Providing pre-purchase inspection 

  • Convinient Local Location

    - Short walking distance from SeaBus

    - Public parking space available

    - Open seven days a week by appointment