About Us

Lane11 Origin

The two infinite parallel white lanes on the roadway, is a never-ending vision for drivers on their journey known as "Lane 11". Lane11 Dealership, located in beautiful North Vancouver British Columbia, began its operation to aid those who share the same passion for cars as a live companion rather than an object for travel. With a team operating for 47 years in the same industry around the world, Lane11 aims to provide unique customer experience to its clients to assist them achieve their dream car regardless of their budget in hand. 


How It All Started ...

Saeid Jafarizad, the founder of Lane11, has 23 years of professional experience on his back. He was introduced into the industry through his father as a dealer in Iran. As a child he was groomed into mechanics of the car, body shop, inspection, detailing and how it all brings an automobile to life. That's how the passion started!

Although he was encouraged to choose a different profession than continuing the family business, the urge he had since childhood for cars never left him. After finishing his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, he took over the family business and started his own dealership on the side.

Due to restriction of car trades in Iran and the desire to grow further, Saeid went to Turkey. He learned the logistics of import and export to the neighbouring countries, which led to establishing his dealership businesses to Azerbaijan and Georgia. 

After meeting his life partner in Turkey, he then moved where love took him, Vancouver. This time with support of his wife, Sanaz, who encouraged him to enjoy every bit of his passion and expand his dream now in a new continent, Saeid expanded his business to North America, to share his desire with those who want to refurbished automobiles regardless of their model or brand, while giving them a second chance to be a roadrunner.